Book Review of “Farewell, My Subaru”

My husband loves gardening and has fantasies about owning a large plot of land and being a farmer. He drives me nuts, asking if he can keep worms on our second floor apartment balcony in La Jolla. My answer is no! For now, he gets his little square box in the church community garden. I'm not a nature girl but did find a book title that caught my eye [...]

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The Many Uses of Salt – The Miracle Worker

I was recently reading about salt and discovered how the phrase "worth your salt" came about and what the etymology of the word salary is. Throughout history, salt has been a [...]

Design Well-Being Into Your Work Space in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1. De-clutter Where do you work? Look around you. What inspires you? What distracts you? What will you see that will make you get back to work and what will you linger [...]